Historic Map - 1856.

Gulf Coast Archaeology Group, LLP, (GCA Group) is a cultural resources management and consulting team that performs services in the areas of archaeology, history, anthropology, primary archival research, genealogical research, probability modeling, and cultural resource management (CRM). CRM includes Agency Consultation, Phase I (Surveys), Phase II (Assessments/Investigations), and Phase III (Mitigations). Our staff has additional experience with spatial, faunal, osteological, bioarchaeological, and coastal studies.







GCA Group is Texas-based and minority owned. Our staff has experience in 12 states with archaeological and historical investigations required for Sections 106 and 110 compliance. 

GCA Group capabilities include regulatory agency coordination and turnkey project management. GCA Group can accommodate a stand-alone Cultural Resource Management (CRM) project, or function as part of a multidisciplinary team in a cost-effective manner.

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