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  3. Remote Sensing
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  7. Drones


Section 106

​Remote Sensing


We assist in the Section 106 process by conducting archaeological Phase I Surveys, Phase II Studies and Phase III Mitigation and all the necessary agency consultations and reporting. 
Our team has extensive experience utilizing a variety of remote sensing techniques, such as Ground Penetrating Radar, Magnetometry, LIDAR, Resistivity, and the implementation of drones with remote sensing techniques.
We offer a variety of educational courses for Junior and High School level students. Additionally, we offer continuing education classes for professionals in a wide variety of archaeological related topics. If you are interested please contact us for further details. 

National Register of Historic Places​

​Heritage Interpretation

HABS/HAER surveys

We conduct National Register of Historic Places nominations, potential NRHP evaluations, and NRHP searches.
We can assist you in creating interpretation plans for parks, museum exhibits, historic neighborhoods and any other environmental or cultural resource.
We conduct Historic American Building surveys and Historic American Engineering Records surveys.